Watering tips for tulips

Tulips are so-called perennial flowers, which means that they are meant to return every year and bloom again year after year after year. In many cases, however, bad treatment of the tulip or bad planting conditions are responsible for the tulip to bloom just once and never appear again. Here are some tips on how to avoid this:

1. The tulip, more than any other flower, is sensitive to water - especially for too much water. If you live in a rainy climate and you want your tulips to return next year you must make sure that the soil they're planted in is not soaking wet but rather dry and airy.

2. Avoid watering the tulips with your automatic garden watering machine and don't water the soil where they have to grow yourself. For the tulip the natural water from the sky is sufficient enough already.

3. Use special bulb fertilizer if you want to stimulate their growth, not water. Do this in the right season: in fall.


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