Garden tips:

You want to grow your own tulips in your garden? Then we have a few tips that can help you to acquire succes:

1. Tulips need to be planted in fall so they can arise in the spring. The best time to plant them is October since this will give them just enough time to arise early March.

2. Tulips are native to East Tukey which is an area full of mountains. For this reason Tulips are less sensitive to weather conditions and will probably outlive most other flowers in your garden.

3. Professional gardeners top the tulips three weeks after blooming to remove the seedpod which requires too much energy from the tulip; then 6 weeks later the bulbs are taken from the ground and washed carefully.

4. Tulips should be planted in soil that's well-drained and airy
Try to avoid wet soil since this would give the Tulip a fair chance of dying from fungea.

5. Plant the tulips at about 6 to 8 inches deep in the ground and sprink a little bit of water before you plant them into the hole, but not enough to actually make the ground soaking wet.

More tips? When you order a package of dutch tulip bulbs you get a free booklet with gardening tips!

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