Tulip Colors

We deliver tulips worldwide in any imaginable color. We currently have over 256 varieties of colors available for tulips so there will always be a color that perfectly matches your desires!

When you order a package of tulip bulbs with your creditcard you can tell us which color tulips you want and we will make sute you have the desired color for your garden within a week's time!

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Tulips from Holland

Kingsblood Tulip

* Spring green Tulip

* Spring tulip mix

Special Kinds

* The Darwin Tulip

* The Triumph Tulip

* The Giant Tulip

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High quality bulbs

* Extra large bulbs

* Stronger flowers

*Secure packaging

The quality of our bulbs is tested on a daily basis so you will have the most beautiful and long living tulips in your garden to enjoy.

Gardening tips

* When to plant the tulip

* When to water the tulip

*The best way of avoiding insects

The tulip is a tender flower but that does not mean it is weak. It has a very strong stem and can withstand cold and storms better than most flowers can.


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Any color flower you want: we deliver

Whether you desire a green, e red, a purple or a black tulip: we deliver any color of your choice with quality bulbs from holland!

A sea of colors for your garden

Have a sea of colors for your garden with our special spring bulb tulip mix! Never before have you seen such a vivid mix of intense colors in your garden.